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06/10/2020 02:02
Somehow me managed to upload something in time... Because of the time limit, the title is... well pretty damn boring. We had planned so much stuff but there was not enough time. Well, at least we made it winnable and playable. Murder is a game about a detective who has to solve a murder mystery of...
30/04/2020 03:38
We managed to finish our game in time! It's called Harvest and it's a game about a knight who turned into a reaper who is trying to get his body back.
14/08/2018 01:42
So after a long struggle we managed to finish our LD 42 Entry. It is called Zecury and it's a game where you have to find a way to escape a collapsing planet.
01/08/2017 02:25
So we created a new game called REcharge. It's our entry for Ludum Dare 39.
24/04/2017 18:34
So we made a new game called NT-Virus. It's our entry for Ludum Dare 38 and we are currently testing it.
12/12/2016 22:09
We finished making our LD 37 Entry, A Year Alone.
22/09/2016 19:11
We are currently working on a big project. We are going to rework Floatlands and expand it. We are going to add new features like new characters, new textures and so on. This will take a lot of time because our team is so small but we are going to try our best.
21/07/2016 18:57
So we finished making the game called Floatlands and we are going through some bug checking right now. We are going to publish it soon.
20/07/2016 18:15
Our entry for X-Jam is almost finished! Just some bug fixing, audio configuration and level designing to do!
11/07/2016 20:58
We are now working on a new game called Floatlands! More information coming later.
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