30/04/2020 03:38
We managed to finish our game in time! It's called Harvest and it's a game about a knigh who turned into a reaper who is trying to get his body back.
14/08/2018 01:42
So after a long struggle we managed to finish our LD 42 Entry. It is called Zecury and it's a game where you have to find a way to escape a collapsing planet.
01/08/2017 02:25
So we created a new game called REcharge. It's our entry for Ludum Dare 39.
24/04/2017 18:34
So we made a new game called NT-Virus. It's our entry for Ludum Dare 38 and we are currently testing it.
12/12/2016 22:09
We finished making our LD 37 Entry, A Year Alone.
22/09/2016 19:11
We are currently working on a big project. We are going to rework Floatlands and expand it. We are going to add new features like new characters, new textures and so on. This will take a lot of time because our team is so small but we are going to try our best.
21/07/2016 18:57
So we finished making the game called Floatlands and we are going through some bug checking right now. We are going to publish it soon.
20/07/2016 18:15
Our entry for X-Jam is almost finished! Just some bug fixing, audio configuration and level designing to do!
11/07/2016 20:58
We are now working on a new game called Floatlands! More information coming later.
18/04/2016 20:02
So we finished our Ludum Dare 35 Entry. It's called Evolved and it's about changing forms depending on the situation.
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